Types Of Dental Insurance Plans

Dental Insurance Plan Choices:

  • Indemnity Plan: An indemnity dental insurance plan allows you to select your own dentist. The plans are considered fee-for-service and come with limitations and co-payment options. This means that you pay a flat fee for the dental visit, but you have an annual limit on coverage for dental spending, and specific coverage limits may apply to individual dental procedures.
  • Self-Insurance Plan: Self-insurance dental plans may be similar in nature to indemnity plans, though you may or may not have the option to select your own dentist.
  • Closed Panel Plan: Closed panel dental plans limit you to using a specific group of facilities and the number of dentists available to you.
  • Capitation Plan: Capitation dental plans designate specific dentists for intervals of treatment. These dentists have a contract indicating that they will be paid a fee regardless of whether dental treatment was required.
  • Preferred Provider Organization (PPO): PPO dental plans are limited to a group of dentists who are available to provide dental care at a reduced cost.
  • Direct Reimbursement Plan: Direct reimbursement dental plans allow employers to directly reimburse employees for dental services they receive.
  • Dental Care Service Plan: Dental care service plans make use of a group of dentists who form a non-profit organization to provide dental services at set fees.