Waterlase Dentistry

Waterlase Dentistry performs a host of both tooth and soft tissue procedures, often times with no need for local anesthesia. The laser lacks the heat and vibration of the dental drill, so the procedure is quite comfortable for most patients. For soft tissue procedures it often eliminates the need for suturing and healing is much faster due to wound sterilization and the atraumatic effect of the laser on surrounding tissues.

Lasers are used to diagnose cavities.The Diagnodent machine uses laser fluorescence to find hidden decay in teeth at the earliest stages. Small lesions are found much sooner than if traditional instrument methods are used.

Waterlase Dentistry can identify decay so early that it can be reversed through hygiene, diet, and fluoride measures such that it may never need a filling.

The Waterlase is really two devices in one. For working on teeth the work is actually done by a laser energized water stream through a "hydrophotonic" process. That is, the laser energy is transferred to the water which is then transferred to the tooth vaporizing the cavity. For soft tissue procedures the laser itself does the cutting with the water stream acting as a coolant. It is this versatility that makes the device such a great oral health instrument.