At-Home Teeth Whitening

Although many people opt for the "once-and-done" approach to teeth whitening associated with in-office treatment, some people prefer at-home methods. These range from prescription products provided by your dentist to over-the-counter products such as whitening strips.

The most effective at-home whitening systems use a prescription-strength gel kit your dentist provides. Most kits contain mouth trays that you fill with the whitening gel and place over your teeth for varying times, from a few minutes to overnight.

Application times vary greatly for the various dentist-dispensed, at-home products. Wear times of 30-60 minutes, once or twice a day, are common; results are achieved in a little as three days, but more commonly 5-10 or more days.

Advantages of at-home products include cost and the ability to re-treat as needed. Although it takes longer, many people find that eventually the results of at-home whitening are on par with in-office procedures.